s2Emails - Send Automated Emails and Renewal Reminders

Hi guys,

my name is Andrej Staš (http://andrej-stas.net), and I’m running my project Presta-theme-maker.com with s2Member plugin already for 3 years.

And I love it!

There’s one important thing I was always missing: sending automatic emails / various welcome messages / renewal reminders

I know the basic functionality is already built-in in s2Member, but I wanted to send various types of these emails and to have more options WHEN to send them.

So I’m creating this plugin by myself and soon it will be ready. It will give you an ability to:
– Send an email 1 hour after registration ✓
– Send an email 2 days after registration at 2pm ✓
– Send an email 3 days before expiration at 8am ✓
– Send an email 4 hours before expiration ✓

– Send an email only to members with roles: “s2Member Level 1 and s2Member Level 1” ✓
– Send an email only to members with role: “s2Member Level 3” ✓

Are you interested? Check out the new website s2emails.com Let me know what you think about it :slightly_smiling:



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Since yesterday I started testing of the plugin on my own website and so far so good, automated emails are being sent!

The plugin s2Emails will be released soon: www.s2emails.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/S2Emails-953593168070133/

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plugin www.s2Emails.com is now online, I will appreciate any thoughts and comments! :slightly_smiling:

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@andrejstas, this looks very nicely done! Unfortunately, I’d need two more features added before I could use it:

  1. Ability to send specific emails only to users with specific roles.

  2. An extra shortcode: either {last_name} or {display_name}.

@KTS915 thanks for your comment!

  1. I’m working on this feature already, will be ready soon

  2. You can already use these shortcodes: {first_name}, {username}, {date_of_registration}, {date_of_expiration}, {current_role}.
    I will have a look at the display_name and last_name :slight_smile:

Yes, I saw those shortcodes, but I’d need to use {first-name} {last_name} or {display_name} for my sites. {first_name} on its own would be way too informal, and {username} wouldn’t be appropriate either.


Sure, I understand, will be ready soon :slightly_smiling:

@KTS915 Hi Tim,

I added and tested new functionality:

  • now you can pick users with specific roles who will get the automated email(s)
  • new shortcodes - {last_name} and {display_name}



Hi @andrejstas ,

This looks like a really useful plugin. I’m going to download it and give it a try on one of my test sites. :)grinning:

@JediShark Thank you! Let me know abouty your thoughts, all feedback is appreciated to make it even better! :slightly_smiling:

Hey i would like to highly recommend this plugin, specially for the customer support from Andrej.
It’s not common to have someone who is willing to add extra features in one week upon request. BTW the plugin is great :slight_smile: Thank you

Thank you very much Oliver! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to hear it works well! :slight_smile:

Very Nice!
Would it be possible to also select CCAP’s. Maybe with a small textfield beside the User role that you manually fill in with the appropriate CCAP, so that you can narrow it more down.

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Hey, that’s a great idea! I will work on it and update the plugin until September 4th! :slight_smile:

The option to specify CCAPs for each role is almost done, doing the final tests. Will be ready and online on Monday :slight_smile:


Now it’s possible to send automated emails directly to users with specific role AND with certain CCAP(s)

For example:

  • Send an email to a user with “s2Member Level 1” and with CCAP “forum” ✓

We are having problems getting s2 to send emails to new members after purchase is completed on JVZoo. Would your plugin serve as a work around to solve this problem?

Hi Brad,

sure, please let me know about more details of the problem. I already wrote you an email :slight_smile:

I just bought this plugin today and it’s fantastic. Very easy to set up. I did a test registration and waited to see if everything would work as it was supposed to…and it did. I just got the email.
A much needed plugin to add to s2member…thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys & Girls, just joined the community forum today. I’ve been running an s2Membership site for the past 1 year.

As you all know email marketing is vital for us site owners. It builds trust, makes us look more professional, more rounded as a site but at the end of the day it gives our users a better experience.

We have been using s2Emails now for the past 6 months at least. I can’t recommend it enough, Andrej has created a flawless plugin that I would say is a must for any site owner that is serious about building their business.

Massive thank you to Andrej!

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