Migrating existing Stripe subscriptions from old website to s2


I think s2members is an awesome plugin. Everything works beautifully. :slight_smile:

My question is about how to proceed on two issues:

  1. I moved an old membership site to WordPress and s2. The old site was custom and used Stripe, so all of the users we moved have current Stripe subscriptions. How do I connect the new site to the existing subscriptions? I’m thinking that I should set a manual EOT so the users get a notification email to renew their subscriptions. Once renewed, they continue on as normal. Is there a better way to handle this?

  2. We’d like to offer the first 14 days of a subscription for free. I want my user to get the EOT reminder email before the 14 day period is up, but the way I understand EOT, I don’t think the EOT notice will be triggered, because technically it’s not set to expire, but rather it’s just going to trigger the recurring payment. Is there a way to trigger a reminder email before the trial expires?

I hope my questions make sense. Please advise on the best way to proceed if possible.

Angela :slight_smile:


On (1), what you are proposing is definitely the way to go.

On (2), I’d suggest using the s2Emails plugin: see s2Emails - Send Automated Emails and Renewal Reminders and http://s2emails.com/

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your quick reply. I think this will work perfectly.



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