Is there a hook to create or modify the Confirmation Emails

Hi all,

Yes, I’m looking for a way to modify, or create my own, Confirmation Emails which are sent by s2Member whenever a user Signs up, Modifies a membership level etc. (the ones you can find under ‘Stripe Options’.)
What Hook and/or API Notification can be used to do this, and is there some example code?

There is a plugin “s2Emails”, would it help?

Hi Krum,

I know about that plugin, in fact, I just bought it :wink:
But for the time being it doesn’t support the confirmation emails as found under s2Member -> Stripe Options (or I just don’t understand how the s2Emails plugin works).

So, in the tab ‘Signup Confirmation Email’ the first line says: “Signup Confirmation Email (required, but the default works fine)”. This line implies that there is another way of sending these emails. I just want to know how.

Well, I think this says “The text is universal, not need customization”… But should be a way. Maybe there is a good hook to change the text, or to drop these emails and to send yours. But all that need deep investigating, I just “think” there is a way, since all the s2M code have plenty of hooks inside…

You can always use the regular WP hooks, set_user_role and profile_update. For some code, you can see some I wrote here:

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Thanks for your reply. I will look at it.