New European regulation for online payments with Stripe


I just received an email from Stripe announcing a future modification of its API in relation to the future new European regulations:

"Hi there,

In September, the European Union will be introducing rules requiring Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) for many online transactions as part of PSD2 regulation.

Our information shows that your business will be impacted by SCA and that you’ll need to make changes to your Stripe integration to become compliant. Transactions that don’t meet the new SCA requirements may be declined by your customers’ banks.

Stripe has built a new Payments API—PaymentIntents—to get European customers ready for these rule changes. PaymentIntents is designed to recognize when the new SCA rules apply and to trigger any required authentication.

You can learn more in our guide on SCA and read the docs to get started integrating this new SCA-ready payments API."

Here is the link associated with this email: LIEN

Are these changes known and anticipated in future updates to s2Member?

Thanks in advance, best regards. Brice.

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Thanks for the heads up, Brice! :slight_smile:

Yes, I’m aware of it. The deadline is September 2019.

It’s in my plans to improve the Stripe integration. :wink:

Good to know! I use Stripe in europe and was not notified so far about this important change. @clavaque good to hear that you will handle the problem.

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I am also happy to know that these important changes are taken into account and especially to see that s2Member has finally found the support it deserves thanks to you :smile:

Thanks a lot. Best regards. Brice.

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Hi Cristián - we use the PayPal integration, and have the same issue, with SCA incoming. Is this something that will be addressed for PayPal, too?

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Hi Stu. Yes :slight_smile:

Here’s info from PayPal’s site:

Hi Cristián, that’s fantastic news - we were starting to get pretty worried about having to change from s2member at this side, which would have been a nightmare since we have over 2,000 paying members on a range of monthly and annual subscriptions via it.

When will the implementation be ready, do you know? September is the deadline but it’d be great to know it’s handled well in advance considering the business impact could be dramatic for companies using s2.

On another note - I’m sure we’re not the only users that would be more than happy to pay a fair annual support and maintenance price to see the plugin continue to move forward.

Thanks again.

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No, I don’t know yet when it’ll be ready, but I agree that it’s better sooner than too close.

What PayPal service are you using with s2Member?

Thank you for your support! It’s very appreciated. I have had many offer the same, and I’m thinking about how to do it so it’s fair to everyone. I’ll make an announcement when I make up my mind. :slight_smile:

Hi Cristián, sorry for the delay in responding. We’re using the PayPal Pro implementation, which here in the UK is ‘Website Payments Pro’.

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Does anybody know what will happen to existing subsciptions when Stripe switches to SCA? Are they affected too? Or only new subscriptions (first payments)?

Hello Cristián,

Further to the PayPal comments there is increasing commercial pressure from PayPal to have PSD2 in place from April ( ). They seem to be pushing the CardinalCommerce approach -

We are considering how best to manage the SCA situation and were wondering if you have any further thoughts on timing of the S2Member plugin itself. Or, if there there been any experience/feasibility of bespoke development with Cardinal Cruise and S2Member?

Thanks for your time and great to hear about you involvement with the project.

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Hi Nick.

Thank you! Great to be here! :smiley:

Thanks for the heads up about April:

“The requirement to perform SCA comes into effect on 14 September 2019. However, many card issuers are working towards compliance from April 2019 to make sure their systems are fully operational by the deadline.”

No, not familiar with Cardinal Cruise yet.

Hello Cristián,

Many thanks for getting back.

Ok, will await developments. As a final thought, it would be great to have access to the updated plugin if possible well before the SCA deadline to allow for integration and testing etc.

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Hi @clavaque,

any news when we can expect a test version for the SCA problem with stripe? Or an s2member update at all? This point will be a killer for my business and if there will not be a s2member solution in time i need to find another one. Don’t get me wrong: I love s2member and of course I want to stay but if i need to find another solution i need some time for that. Deadline is in september, so time is ticking fast… At worst only four months left to migrate a whole website backbone to another solution. Not much time!

Without a release plan i can not wait for something to happen which will maybe not come in time. Is it possible for you to give us all some kind of release plan especially with this critical SCA issues? Would be fantastic.

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I think this API update concerns both Stripe and Paypal and it is indeed urgent to prepare for it!
Can you tell us if you are sure that you can update the 2 APIs on time?
Cristian, I know you have a lot of work: have you made a partnership with Krum or other people for not being alone to update s2Member?

Sincerely, Brice.

I have asked Krum to work on this, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet. I also hired another developer I tasked with this and already is working on it, because I prefer not having just one person on such an important one.

I have no intention of leaving s2Member without a way to get paid, and will do what is necessary for things to work. I took over this project to make it better, not to neglect it.

There are several reasons why I haven’t made a new release of s2Member sooner, but I won’t go into them because don’t like making excuses. I did address with fixes what was urgent and couldn’t wait (e.g. Auth.Net’s MD5 change).

Right now SCA for PSD2 compliance is my top priority. I still have to attend the support and work on other things in the meantime, but I don’t forget that one.

There are several things needed to complete this upgrade, that’s why it’s not something I can put out quickly, but it’s being worked on now, months in advance, so we can have it in time.

Having said all that, the decision of waiting or changing plugins, is not mine to make.

I hope that puts you guys at ease a bit, that I haven’t forgotten about this super important upgrade.


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Thank you for this reassuring answer, I trust you for this update even if I admit that a quick update of the plugin’s version, even partial, based on “”, would stop to lose the purchases and users needed for the future of s2Member.
Leave the plugin displayed with more than a year without update on is a serious marketing and commercial error :frowning:

Best regards, Brice.

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@Cristian: Could you pl in bare keywords “document” changes you make to stripe integration? :slight_smile:
Reason, you are good and i am not but we use stripe for donations, from a plugin that that author (weirdly didn’t make a success/ it’s great) and won’t update, so I (lol) will have to try updating whatever stripe needs…

@Stu: Wow, you are lucky!!! 2000 paying members? You must be getting a ton of traffic.
We get NONE these days from google… :frowning:

Hi David.

Well, Stripe has a couple of products PSD2 ready: Payment Intents API and Checkout. I don’t know what you’re trying to update, but I think you’ll end up going with one of those.

See also:


I hope that helps you. :slight_smile:

Oh thank you Cristian! I will review those documents and see if I can figure things out.

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