New European regulation for online payments with Stripe

Hello Cristián,

Just checking in to see if there is any road map yet for the SCA development? Your comments have helped and apologies for all the questions, but there is increasing concern about how much time will be available to integrate the new s2 update once it is released. Are there any plans, for instance, to roll out Stripe before other gateways?

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Hi Nick.

Yes, it is possible, but not certain yet, that I will release the Stripe one first. I will not wait to have them all ready first, I’ll put them out as they’re ready.


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Hello Cristián,

Ok, thanks for the update. If we can assist with any testing please get in touch.

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They are great news.

I guess the plugin will be updated by the standard way. Right?

An update ist available!! Great @clavaque!!!

But i think stripe update for SCA is not integrated yet right?

In the past weeks there have been some interesting stripe webinars with lots of information. And i think i understood a bit more what SCA is and what problems are coming with it. :slight_smile:

So i know you are already working on these important part. But i have a few questions:

  1. Are you planning to use stripes “Payment Intents API”? Or is there a seperate “Billing API”? Is stripe billing used at all?
  2. Stripe talks about a “mandat needed from the costumers even if they use credit cards”. What does that mean? So far i know mandats as paper work if you want to charge costumers bank accounts. Do i really need that for each costumer using their credit card? Is that handled by s2member? Or by stripe? Is it handled automatically at all?
  3. The first payment of a subscription with recurring payments need to be authenticated right? I think there is no way around. The upcoming payments then need to link to the first (authenticated) payment and DO NOT need another authentication. Thats great! But will s2member care about this link to an authenticated payment? What happens to already active recurring payments?
  4. In s2member there is still these “first payment is handled by s2member and marked as trial in stripe”-problem: Unwanted trial period showing in Stripe — Will this be a problem for SCA? I think it is very critical for the subscription exemption stripe will handle. Maybe a good chance to solve this issues all in one.
  5. A very critical point is that happens if an recurring payments needs SCA. Of course an off-session payment will not be possible because costumers action is required. Stripe says that they have an automated email system in billing which will notify the costumer that his action is needed. Will s2member use this stripe feature with billing? Or any other plans to handle this point?

The more i think about this the more problems have to be solved. Time is running fast and i would be happy to start testing soon. Any news when stripe SCA integration will be ready to test? If i can help please let me know.

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At the end of July or beginning of August a solution should be there. September is approaching soon!
(and yes Stripe with Securecode will be even less relevant than. Paypal will profit a lot I guess as they can drop the Securecode rubbish (many banks have horrible implementations).

Less than 2 months to go. I’m already having 10% of charges failing because some banks in Europe already require Mastercard Securecode / Visa 3D Secure for all transactions right now! Please start working on it or work on a good ThriveCart integration (I guess the harder part here is to get ThriveCart support EOT as in s2member correctly).

Any news @clavaque ? Could you please let us know about the status? Is it realistic to have an SCA ready version in the next two weeks? Or @krumch: Do you know anything about SCA progress?

Hi guys!

Except for last week the I had an issue with the forum and spent some days fixing it, my focus has been on the SCA implementation.

I’m working on the SCA upgrade, but it isn’t ready yet. I can’t say about the next 2 weeks. It may not be obvious, but it’s not a matter of just adding a new function that puts SCA there, their whole API is different. This turned into almost a rewrite of all the s2Member Pro payment gateway integrations, as well as most of the pro-forms code. We’re talking about dozens of PHP files, thousands of lines of code.

I have trialed and hired freelancers and developers to work on this exclusively, including Krum, but I haven’t had success with them. Jason’s implementation feels pretty hard to wrap the head around and follow. It works well, but it’s also difficult to modify, especially when it’s more than just a hack.

So I’m rewriting the whole gateways integration and pro-forms. Making the integrations simpler, should also make it easier to add new gateways in the future (probably the most requested things over the past years). So I’m investing on that instead of patching things with a bunch of hacks.

About ThriveCart, I’m looking at it as a strong possibility too. I have written to them about integrating with s2Member Pro, but they have a long to-do and need more people requesting it. So I would more likely piggy-back one of their existing integrations, but after studying the possibilities, I see that s2 will require some small changes to make it compatible.


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This is definitely the way to go. Simplifying s2Member’s code, without undermining its functionality, is undoubtedly the best way to ensure its existence over the long-term. It will also make it much easier for others to create third-party add-ons.

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I totally understand that. I took a look at the s2member code myself and got into trouble soon. :smiley: There is lots of work to do, i am totally aware of that.

And i do not want to criticize you!! Not at all! I just hope for an info if you think that you will finish stripe sca integration in time? Or do you think it will take longer for you to finish the implementation?

I am asking because maybe i need to add a temporary solution myself. Stripe Checkout and some manual subscription handling. Something like that just to make sure i will still be able to accept payments.

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Oh, didn’t feel criticized at all! I perfectly understand you! I truly appreciate your understanding. :smiley:

I am working to meet the deadline, and always try to meet them with time to spare. Tackling this has been a bit frustrating so far, but I don’t give up.

I am asking because maybe i need to add a temporary solution myself. Stripe Checkout and some manual subscription handling. Something like that just to make sure i will still be able to accept payments.

I think that, just as a backup copy of your site may not be needed, but it’s good to have when working on your site, having a backup method as you described, would be good to have ready, even if you don’t need it in the end. Better to have and not need, than need and not have.

A simple backup method would be a PayPal Standard button, for example, since that’s handled on PayPal’s site, it’ll be PSD2 compliant. That’s not the same as a pro-form experience, but would do in a pinch.

Or as you said, you can receive the payment without the s2 integration and manually give the user access after he registers.

You are right: Better have and not need. :smiley:

So far all transaction on my website are with stripe. So i think i will use Stripe Checkout. Very similar to PayPal Button, everything is handled on Stripe’s site, very easy to integrate, SCA is handled automatically. Of course a bit manual handling or webhook will be necessary but that will be ok only as “emergency plan”.

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I have a question about whether my setup will be affected or not…

I use PaypalPro Forms on my sales page however WITHOUT the option for people to pay using their bank cards.

They can only pay through Paypal but using the ProForm option.

So does this mean I have to make changes or can I continue as normal?

Paypals documentation on this is not clear to me…

Am I using “PayPal Pro Hosted” which means in their worlds they’ll “automatically upgrade your online checkout – so you’ll be PSD2 ready.”

Or am I using “PayPal Pro Direct” in which they say " You’ll need to update"?

Can I have some clarity if anyone here knows?

You’d be fine, since the payment happens on PayPal’s site, payment details are handled there.

Hi Cristian,

I have received a new alert for SCA Stripe changes to apply to s2Member before September 14th…
Can you tell us if you think you’re ready in time or do I have to withdraw Stripe from the payment options to avoid payment errors while waiting for your update?

Thanks. Best regards. Brice.


Just to be sure: are you integrating this method with s2Member? Method Link

If not, what is your method of integration?

Thanks. Best regards.

@clavaque Have you considere Stripe Elements (SCA compliant). We are using Event Espresso to handle all our course registrations and after EE updated their Stripe Payment Gateway, the cardnumber, expiry date and CVC was included as part of the registration form. This means you will no longer be using the Stripe “pop-up”. Very elegant and user friendly!


Hello Cristián,

Just had some very difficult conversations regarding the future suitability of s2Member. As there are only two weeks until the new regulations come into force could you please give us an update on where development is with the new implementation? In particular what are the options with Stripe which is ramping up its warnings?


There are only 2 short weeks left before the implementation of Strong Customer Authentication for payments with Stripe gateway.
I am very concerned about the lack of information on this s2Member update.
Could you tell us whether or not this update will be operational before September 14th?
If not, when do you manage to get out this update?
Thanks. Best regards. Brice.