Unwanted trial period showing in Stripe


I am currently testing using S2member for my membership site. I have stripe Pro Forms, when i create a form that charges annually for membership it appears to work but when I look in the backend of stripe that transaction is labeled as “trailing” not active.

I have definitely not created a trial period using the Stripe pro forms code generator. Here is the code been used

[s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form level=“1” ccaps=“Ind” desc=“Individual Membership €35 EUR / Yearly” cc=“EUR” cc=“EUR” custom=“domain.ie” ta=“0” tp=“0” tt=“D” ra=“1” rp=“1” rt=“Y” rr=“1” coupon="" accept_coupons=“0” default_country_code=“US” captcha=“0” /]

I have not put S2Member live yet, currently I use a plugin called WP Stripe Payments Plugin which shows the transaction as been Active immediately. Using this plugin I had to create subscription plans in Stripe. I am assuming based on what I have read I do not need to do this for the S2member integration and the Stripe Pro Forms code handles this .

On reading one other post in this forum similar to this, it appears to be saying as S2 handles the first payment immediately Stripe itself will not kick in for another 365 days for the next period so it shows the thing as trailing. This is just a labeling issue but otherwise the client is billed correctly and the membership is created correctly

Have i read that right , any other insights appreciated.



Hey John,

Right now, this is expected behaviour in the current version of S2.

Issue is explained in detail here: https://github.com/websharks/s2member/issues/1052

It won’t affect your subs, it’s merely the label they are given for the first period of billing.

If you are selling a monthly subscription for example, after the first month, the label will change from trialing to ‘active’.


Cheers for coming back to me on this and confirming all is ok, its just a



Yeah, just a label John - I know @jaswrks is contemplating a solution to this label, but the current behaviour you are seeing is indeed expected.

It doesn’t create major issues from my experience of using Stripe and s2.

Keep an eye on that github thread for updates.

Ross :slight_smile:

As s2member is dead by now i think there is no solution for the “stripe showing trial label and 0 EUR invoice” problem right?

@rossagrant Do you use s2member with stripe anyway? Any solution for this bug? Maybe another plugin to handle the stripe subscription and payment?

I do use the combination on my site. But this bug is annoying. If i ever need the invoices i might get in trouble…

@krumch Maybe a point for your list?


Thanks Torsten,

Go ahead and add it at the list. I must start with Paypal, because it is “the backbone” of the payment system, but later will work with Stripe too.

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Yes, it’s another “little” bug to resolve… PayPal and Stripe APIs must perfectly work.
Krum, thanks a lot for your job!

@clavaque Are you aware of this problem? Would be great to have a solution in the next update. Every new member paying for the first time gets an 0 EUR invoice… Big problem for me. Hard to explain to the finance authority…

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Hi Torsten! Thanks for bringing my attention to this.

I added it to my list, and I will address it. I can’t promise a time, though. There are a few things higher in priority, but I will get to it. :slight_smile:

Ok i see. Anyway looking forward to an update for s2member. Good luck to you!

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