Stripe Suspended/Cancelled Profiles Not Getting Demoted

I had a cancelled profile for non-payment come through and the profile wasn’t demoted through EOT.

S2Member Auto EOT is enabled
Membership EOT is set to demote to free subscriber.
Membership EOT is set to remove custom capabilities
EOT grace time is 0
Refunds/Reversals always trigger EOT
Fixed Term Extensions is on.

Any thoughts on what I might need to do?

Hi there, We have the same problem. Did you find a solution for this?

Do you have any additional details about it?

While figuring this out, please keep logging enabled. WP admin > s2Member Pro > Log Files

If you can reproduce the behavior, or if it happens again, would you please look for the relevant entries in the log files and show me? (edit any sensitive information)

If you know how to reproduce it, please tell me the steps to try it on my side.

Thanks :slight_smile: