Nothing to update. You have NO recurring fees. Or, your billing profile is no longer active. Please contact Support if you need assistance

I am using s2meber pro stripe forms. in update billing method form i see this error ‘Nothing to update. You have NO recurring fees. Or, your billing profile is no longer active. Please contact Support if you need assistance.’ also in billing cancelation i see error ‘Nothing to cancel. You have NO recurring fees.’.

I am not using sandbox but yes i use test accunt of stripe. In user account detail the user has a subscription ids and capabilities also. Don’t know what to do.

Also if someone update his credit card info i would like to redirect him back to the account page how can i do that? Thanks

Can any one answer please?

Is there a subscription set up on Stripe? Are you trying to modify a subscription while still in the trial period (before any payment has taken place)? I’m not sure the latter will cause the problem, but it could be a possibility.

To redirect back to the account page you’ll need to use a custom Pro-Form template with code attached to the submit button to do the redirect.

Thanks jedi for helping out. I realise that redirect is working fine. The problem is in demoting to free member when i use cancelation form. Can you please help me out on this issue. i created a thread already. Stripe Suspended/Cancelled Profiles Not Getting Demoted


Could you please answer the questions I asked in my previous post?

If i understand you correctly i am using stripe in test mode so i do the following steps

I register as a free member----done
In account page i setup user role shortcode so the free user sees “free”
Then when i upgrade to gold membership----user role shows gold
Then when i cancel my subscription it shows me the same role----gold

I should see free. You can test it on

Has the subscription period expired?

The setting of EOT is bellow:

S2Member Auto EOT is enabled
Membership EOT is set to demote to free subscriber.
Membership EOT is set to remove custom capabilities
EOT grace time is 0
Refunds/Reversals always trigger EOT
Fixed Term Extensions is on.

I am supposing that the subscription period is unlimited. bellow is the form i am using for subscription

[s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form level=“2” ccaps=“silver” desc=“€59 EUR / 6 Months (Medium Subscription)” cc=“EUR” custom=“” ta=“0” tp=“0” tt=“D” ra=“59” rp=“6” rt=“M” rr=“1” coupon="" accept_coupons=“1” default_country_code="" captcha=“0” success=“”/]

I think if ‘EOT grace time is 0’ then the subscription sould be expire on the same time of billing cancellation.

If you think i am confused at all then please explain briefly. Thanks

These codes indicate a 6-month subscription. So, if the cancellation was before the EOT, the remaining subscription time would still be valid. Unless they canceled during the free trial (which I asked and you did not answer), a cancellation is not the same as a refund or reversal.

So how exactly should i setup the form so that when the subscriber cancel his account he should see ccap ‘free’ in his subscription role instead of ‘gold’. Thanks

That will take custom code. The only thing s2Member does with CCAPs at subscription expiration is remove them. Is there a specific reason you are using CCAPs instead of Membership Levels? That usually only needs to be done for complex restrictions or subscription set ups. At first glance, it looks like you are simply identifying subscription levels using CCAPs.

‘At first glance, it looks like you are simply identifying subscription levels using CCAPs.’
Yes you are right. For now i will remove the CCAPS but lets say i use this CCAPS in the future then what custom code will i need and how would i implement that. If you can just give me an example that will really be helpful.

If you want to change ccaps when a membership level changes, there will have to custom code. Since I’ve never written such code, I can’t give you an example. I don’t work here and few people do. We will all happily short code examples if we have them, but what you are asking for is not, at least at first glance, a short code example.

Maybe someone else has something like this already.