Stripe SCA regulations - how will s2 member deal with the changes?

HI there.
I am using stripe and paypal,
but Stripe has just informed me that I will have to upgrade to a new api integration because of upcoming EU regulations on secure payments.

I wonder has the S2 member team considered the affect of these changes,
and are you going to be issuing an update to deal with these changes?

Anyone else have this issue,
and how are you dealing with it?

Apparently this regulation will cause many payment failures after September.

I am confused.
Any thoughts?

Hi Enda.

Yes, we’re on it. :slight_smile:

See: New European regulation for online payments with Stripe

Hello any news on how this will work with s2 member?
I am not sure but maybe to avoid being left out of pocket by customers who fail to make a payment we can just change the grace period in case of a late payment to “0” but that’s just part of the problem, there’s the friction and business lost upon being asked to make the first payment and undoubtedly income lost upon failing to authenticate subsequent payments, plus all the time lost dealing with support queries about "why’s my account frozen?"I believe that this will cause customer churn too - if a customer realises half way through a month that payment has not been taken that has to increase their propensity to cancel … or in this case just to never authenticate again,

I highly recommend reading the Stripe article it’s well written and helps to clarify what is a potentially confusing issue, here is another article which explains in more detail about the complexities and potential issues with SCA. SCA and payment processing

I have to say that as a SAAS business with subscriptions this EU imposed change is deeply unhelpful meddling, it’s going to be very disruptive, time consuming and damaging to many businesses and for customers too.
The gist of it is there’s going to be an additional step for successful online card payments in many cases, there are some exemptions but ultimately it will vary for each situation and each bank - in the worst case scenario it seems a subscription payment will need additional verification the first time you set up a subscription… and for each payment every month too! That’s just a big PITA that will affect conversion, waste a lot of time and damage continuity.

We have just switched away from Paypal processing to card processing because of the arbitary way in which paypal enforces customer refunds in disputes but now we are thinking of switching back to paypal… the EU nanny state truly sucks!


Just to be sure: are you integrating this method with s2Member? Method Link

Thanks. Best regards.