Remove S2 logo from membership login landing page

Dear Support Team,

Please kindly confirm whether the non-Pro version will allow creation of a customised landing page with my own brand logo instead if the s2Member logo.


Yours faithfully,


This is not the place to address Pro support. See Welcome to the WP Sharks™ Community

If you want to talk to Pro support, then you should open a ticket. This is a community forum, where users of s2Member can talk to and help one another.

As to your query, you can customize the login page using both the free and Pro versions of s2Member. See General Options -> Login/Registration Design

Seriously? The home page of this community forum says:
"What can you discuss here? You can discuss the Lite (free) or the Pro versions of our software. "

I am a Pro user, should I not post here?


Sorry for the confusion. You CAN post about s2Member Pro here, yes. I think what @KTS915 was referring to is that if you want Pro support, you should open a support ticket. You’re more than welcome to discuss the Pro version here–that’s what these community forums are for (by contrast, the community forums do not allow discussion of Pro products).

A Pro license gives you access to Pro support via our support ticketing system. If you want Pro support, you need to open a ticket–this community forum is not an official support channel; it’s a community forum. If you want to ask questions or open discussion in this community forum regarding both Lite and Pro software, you’re more than welcome to do that! :slightly_smiling:

Exactly! You certainly CAN post about both Pro and free versions. But the REPLIES are unlikely to be from Pro Support. They will be from other users and members of the s2Member community. So addressing a question to the “Support Team” isn’t really appropriate.

it’s confusing because it’s not whether you have Pro or not but rather if you pay for support or not.

Well, that depends on when you bought the Pro version. You automatically get three years of support from when you purchase Pro.

Thanks Tim. The answer I was looking for! I will note that it is important that you do not address your forum posts for the attention of Support and that both Pro & Free members can post on the WP Sharks Community Forum.