Remove "Registration Options" Dropdown

Hello All

Can anyone tell me how to remove the “Registration Options” field heading text and dropdown from my registration form (s2Member-Pro-Stripe-Form)?

My users will not have any registration options, so displaying a field and empty dropdown that are not relevant is distracting.

Also the “password strength indicator” is not working, so I would like to delete that heading as well

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Those are symptoms of a javascript problem, so you really need to tackle the underlying cause. What is the URL of your registration page?

Hi Tim

Thanks for such a quick response. Here’s the url:


As I thought, you have several significant errors on that page. The best way to see them is to use Chrome (Firefox isn’t so helpful) and then right-click on the page and choose Inspect Element.

Then choose the Console tab. If you don’t see anything then, re-load the page. You should then see the errors.

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Thanks Tim, Will take a look.

Hi. Late to the party, but I’ve this issue. How do I resolve the errors (S2 newbie)