Monthly billing query

final question…sorry guys!

i see stripe says for the monthly billing option the form sends…x every 30 days…that means monthly billing could charge a customer on a different day than the previous month and it would progressively get even more out of synch and that could confuse some of them…is there any way to make it bill on the last day of the month or maybe the first instead of every 30 days?


You could use some custom PHP to calculate the days until end of the current month and use that as an initial term, then have the recurring monthly terms start on the 1st of the next month. See:


just to confirm, this is the first time using Stripe so i’m a bit of a noob…

so in the first place, s2member bills them instantaneously and then sets a trial period in motion for 30 days. thereafter, the client is billed normally.

my question is - how is billing handled after the trial period?

are clients billed every 30 days, then every 30 days, and so on?

or…is it on the same day each month that they purchased? ie, if someone billed on the 25th of Jan, they will be billed on the 25th of each month thereafter? (after the trial period)

what happens when someone purchases on the 31st of a month, how are they billed on months that only have 30 days?

i just want to know clearly so i can explain to clients exactly how they will be billed so they don’t get upset they are billed on a day that they weren’t expecting.


A subscription’s billing date is determined by two factors:

  • Its “billing cycle anchor”: This defaults to when the subscription was created—or, if a trial period is used, to the trial end.
  • The billing interval of its plan.

For example, a customer subscribed to a monthly plan set to cycle on the 2nd of the month will always be billed on the 2nd. A different customer, subscribed to that same plan starting on the 15th, will always be billed on the 15th.


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If a monthly subscription is scheduled for a date that does not occur in a month (such as the 31st), the customer is charged on the last day of the month instead.

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