Members expiring but not converting to subscribers

Hi there,

We have a membership site with several thousand people. I’ve noticed recently that several hundred are cancelling their stripe billing on time, but they are not converting to subscribers. Most are converting to subscribers correctly.

Any idea what might be causing this?

The events in Stripe look the same with the “Subscription was cancelled” and when I check the webhook it shows a success:
Status -200 Success (1 try)

Correction, it looks like after Sept 9th almost 90% are not working correctly. They’re cancelling in Stripe, but keeping their membership status. We made no changes to any EOT behavior (we’ve been using s2 for 3+ years). I do recall there may have been an s2 update a little before that?

Just a heads up, I found this thread and that field somehow made itself blank. I have switched it and will update.

Ah, I see. Well done finding it.

As I said in that other topic, I don’t know what causes it yet. It’s something seemingly random that happens to some few installations for some reason.

Do you have any idea of what may have happened around the time when that setting went blank?

And wen you say blank, do you mean that the EOT system just got disabled, or did the settings for it got reset to default somehow?

Any information you could provide may be helpful to understand why that is be happening.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I had similar problem on GoDaddy host Automatic EOT gets blank it was caused by limited wp-cron, because the host decided to limit it without any notification, so my site don’t use too many resources after i found out i moved to SG and all went fine.


Hi Filip.

Thank you for that info! :slight_smile:

@clavaque Did you get my additional info post by chance? I don’t see it posted anymore.I can repost the information if not.

No I didn’t. Could you repost it, please? Thanks! :slight_smile:

for me it’s definitely not a resource problem - my server is idling at 2-3% usage if at all (no wonder with 64GB RAM, I7-7700k, 1024GB NVME-RAID, plus 5TB Data-RAID HDD, and just 2000-3000 visits per day - need such a powerful server because one every 2 months or so I need the computing power, and I have huge data downloads - like 1TB FTP traffic per day - so cloud would cost much more than a dedicated server)

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