EOT Downgrades No Longer Working- PLS HELP!

I just noticed that I have over 200 Free Trial (level 2) members that have recently passed their EOT date for their 3-week free trial period. They should have all been downgraded to Level 0 at their EOT.

This failure of S2Member to automatically downgrade after the EOT has only started in recent weeks & may or may not have something to do with upgrading my site to WP 5.0.2.

This failure of a critical function of S2Member Pro is debilitating to my business as I can no longer allow new registrations until this issue is fixed (in addition to manually downgrading over 200 level 2 subscribers).

I have been using S2 Pro for many years without issue until now. All I could find in this forum related to this issue was this thread, which seemed to not have resulted in a fix for the issue: Auto EOT not working consistently

Any help or suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Randy.

I’m sorry about that. Let’s look into it.

Could you enable logging for the time being? WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

Do these users have an EOT time set in their profiles?

You see, trials are part of a subscription, and that’s managed by the payment gateway, not s2Member. The gateway notifies s2 about payments or cancellations.

Or how did you set up your membership trial? Please give me more details about your setup.

I look forward to your update. :slight_smile:

Thx for the quick reply Cristian.

Last night I realized that for whatever reason, the “Enable S2Members Auto-EOT System” selection field was empty. I’ve been using S2 Pro for years & somehow that selector was recently turned off (which just a blank in the selector field, not any one of the 3 options). I re-enabled the EOT system through WP-Cron & it gradually downgraded all 222 members that were past their EOT date. Thx again & best of luck on taking over S2Member!


Thank you for the update and the good wishes! :smiley:

I’m glad you sorted it out. Let me know when you need help again. :slight_smile:

@clavaque This is actually a known bug. (At least, Jason was aware that sometimes this setting could unset it itself.) I don’t think anyone has yet managed to pin down what causes this to happen, though.

Is that so? Thanks for bringing my attention to it, Tim. :slight_smile:

Would you happen to remember where Jason talked about it before?

Cristian, it took me a while to remember where Jason said that, but I found it here: https://github.com/wpsharks/s2member/issues/1130

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Thanks so much, Tim. I made a note about it. :slight_smile:

however some recent update made it appear much less often. Some years ago it happened much more frequently on my websites (and the optimizemember clone of s2 which I’m running on my second site seems to be affected more often like old version of s2. Happened like every 1-2 months in old versions - now like once a year).

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Thanks for the insight, Felix! :slight_smile:

To confirm, this has been an ongoing problem since we purchased S2M Pro some years ago. It still happens, but less often as Felix stated. I’m thinking it might be when WP gets updated that it somehow turns off the “Automatically EOT Behavior” (but that’s just a guess).

I’ve made it a habit to manually check to see that the Paypal Options and Stripe Options are still set to “Yes / enable enable auto EOT via WP-Cron)” but it’s an inconvenience. It would be great if this can get resolved.

Note: I did migrate to ClassicPress and haven’t seen it turn off yet; but then again I haven’t updated CP yet.

I will keep you posted when I do update CP and report if the update turns off the auto end EOT.

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Could you not just set a second job that checks if it’s still activated. Run it once a day and reactivate the missing job. Yeah not clean - but would solve it.

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Related: https://s2member.com/kb-article/automatic-eot-system-option-goes-blank-why/

How interesting - I’ve not experienced this on my own site in 6 years.
But I do have the user deleted entirely, not downgrade to a level 0.
It makes for a very clean solution … perhaps it would work for you? @rsotc Randy?

That is not correct - sorry. All my other jobs stay active - it it were another plugin - this would not happen! It’s 100% some s2member internal fault!

Hi Felix @openmtbmap (nice username btw) :slight_smile:

Sorry can you clarify this a bit more? Are you also having problems with the downgrade?
Wondering if deleting upon downgrade would fix it as well? :slight_smile:

I’m not saying it is or isn’t. I just found that KB article relevant to this topic and posted the link for reference while working on this. :slight_smile:

I don’t know what causes this setting reset yet, and don’t know how to reproduce it from the information I have, but I will try to add something that will check it and fix it if it was.

Thanks for the suggestion but that would not work for me. I offer a 3-week free trial period after which point the user will either subscribe or not. The way the process works is that they are downgraded to Level 0 (no access to premium content) after the trial period but the next time they log in, they are redirected to a page in which they must select from a Silver or Gold membership.

After their trial period, they might log back in a day later, a week later or months later. If their user account was deleted after the trial period they would not be redirected to the membership purchase/renewal page plus, they could (and would have to) then just create another new user account with the same email address, providing them another free 3-weeks of Gold level access.

Demoting previous paid subscribers as well as free-trialers keeps their email address with their user profile so they are unable to perpetually take advantage of free trial periods with the same email address. Thx again for the suggestion.


Because this seems so random and we don’t know how to reproduce it yet, it’s being very hard to find the cause of that behavior.

I want to ask you guys experiencing this, that you check the EOT setting from time to time, and if you notice it disabled again, that you try to remember any/all changes to the site right before, and tell me what they were. Also a list of the active plugins may be helpful, I don’t know if you have one in common that is the one resetting the option for some odd reason. Anything you could provide, may help shed some light on this.

Thank you! :slight_smile: