How to upgrade from s2 FREE on a standalone site to s2 PRO on a multisite

I am running s2Member (free version) on a WP Standalone site.

I am migrating to a multisite network installation and I want to upgrade to s2Member PRO.

How do I do that?

In the Network Admin page of my multisite, I click the “s2Member® Pro (Upgrade)” link in the upper-right-corner of the screen but nothing happens…the s2 Multisite Config page remains blank.

Also, I am running the current standalone site as and the multisite that I am migrating to as Once I complete the migration, I plan to switch to Does that complicate my paid-for upgrade to PRO?

Please help me with the steps to (a) upgrade to PRO and (b) complete the migration from dev. to www.

Thank you.

Please see for installation instructions. The Pro version is an add-on to the s2Member Framework, so ‘upgrading to Pro’ involves purchasing the Pro add-on, and then uploading it to your wp-content/plugins/ directory. (You should leave the s2Member Framework active, as it’s required to run the Pro add-on.)

I am having trouble copying the WP Tables from my standalone install to my Multisite install prior to upgrading @raamdev . I can copy everything okay but the PayPal “Paid Subscr. ID”, “# Of Logins” and “Last Login Time” data is not showing up in the user’s admin panel in WordPress. So I fear that I am losing the ability for the recurring payments to come through PayPal.

So I am wondering how best to go about this.

Can I / Should I follow this process:

Step 1: upgrade my s2member standalone version to Pro
Step 2: somehow copy the upgraded Pro version to WP Multisite through your export/import?

If so, how exactly do I do this? Are there specific steps I can go through to migrate from a free standalone installation to a paid for multisite installation?

Hi @raamdev. Might you be able to assist me with migrating (Export/Import via s2Member Pro) my users from a standalone site to a multisite? See my thread at WordPress Table Comparison between Free Version and Paid-for Pro Version and look at the today’s posts at the bottom of the thread.

Thank you in advance!!