Happy New Year! (Big Announcement!)

Hi, I’m Cristián.

You probably know me from a while back when I was giving support and doing some development for s2Member. I was there in the trenches its first years. These last years I’ve been busy with other things, but still in touch with Jason and Raam, who kept things going here.

They’re so good at what they do that they’ve been hired by Automattic, you know, the guys that run WordPress and a bunch of other cool things. But exciting as that is for them, it also means that they can’t spend the time needed on WP Sharks any longer…

So we talked and decided that I’m taking over the plugins: s2Member, Comet Cache, Comment Mail, and any other WP Sharks plugins. Going forward, Jason and Raam won’t be involved with WP Sharks anymore.

So what does all this mean for you?

For starters, you’ll see me in the forums. I actually started a few days ago already. So when you post here, you’ll have a reply.

The plugins will keep being maintained, updated, and improved. I’ll be working on updating and releasing new versions of the plugins in the coming weeks. This is high on my list.

Please let me know here in the forums what you need or want from me. I’ll read each post.

I love this project. It was sad for me when I had to leave it back then, and I can’t be happier coming back now!

I look forward to 2019. :smiley:




Congrats, Cristián! :grinning: I’m so happy that you’re taking over s2Member, Comet Cache, and the other WP Sharks plugins. I’m confident that you’re the right man for the job and I’m excited to see where you take things. Here’s to a great 2019! :fireworks:


That’s good news Cristian. I know there are a number of clients in dire need of some fixes…me and my clients included.

It would be great if you could put up a schedule of what milestones you are planning on achieving and when. Sites are breaking so I know people like myself just have to move on and migrate to another plug-in or fix things ourselves.

In my case I forked the S2Member WordPress.org software last week and am fixing what needs to be fixed and morphing it to be an EDD add-on.

Having said that, I will keep an eye on how you go with S2Member and would be more than happy to come back in the fold if it makes sense.

Good luck with the new venture :slight_smile:


Hello Cristián and as Raam said, Congratulations!

That is also a huge congrats to all the s2Member owners that have stuck with it during these past several months of uncertainty.

Thank you - Thank you - Thank you!!!

  • Steve D.

Hello Cristián! So glad to hear your news and Congratulations! I was a bit worried with the future of S2 even though it really is the best plugin out there - so now I can go ahead and recommend it again to clients. Wonderful news truly.

You were absolutely the very best customer service/trouble-shooter back then and so I am doubly glad you are back!

Gillian Trethewey :slight_smile:


Really really happy to see you back in here Cristian, and to know that s2M will continue to live, grow and thrive. I have been building my whole site with it for almost 8 years now (you remember me asking soooo many questions when I started?). I was not about to let it go for anything else!!!

I am not a developer nor a poweruser in a way, but if there is anything I can do to help, let me know. I LOVE s2M!


Excellent news.


Great news Cristian! Looking forward to many more years with this excellent plugin. I’m more than willing to pay a yearly fee to help with continued updates and support, if you decide to go that route.


We have quite a lot of sites running s2member so I’ve been quietly keeping an eye on the forums. I spotted yesterday you’d reappeared and the email that arrived in my inbox today was really reassuring!

Thanks for coming back, I dreaded the thought of having to switch all our sites to a different plugin!




Hello Cristian, glad to have fresh and good news. I use Comet Cache Pro and S2Member Pro and I hope I will go on with them. It may be a huge work to maintain these plugins and I hope you will be able to manage this without problem.


hi cristian please add ccbill support on s2member again thx


Hello, i wanted to say big thanks to s2member team for creating such plugin.
This plugin exists thanks to paid members that is why we are ready to support with early payments as other plugins do this and even give ideas and suggestions.


Hoy, that IS a big announcement, Cristián, yes! Happy New year to all of you, and congratulations!

I agree with Starbucksamore and Cassel and others, it is GREAT to see you back in the boat! :smile:
Thank you.

I can’t even imagine what tempting “offer” automattic must have made Jason to give up on his baby wp sharks, but he is a wise man so will have done the right thing.

I just hope you will not be bombarded with requests if you have to steer the boat alone now, so hopefully some more geeks here will support you soon.

I am no geek, sorry.



Congrats! Good to hear. Based on my colleagues, clients and my own experinces with you I feel like we are back in good hands.

Most of my thoughts have already been put in previous threads, but I will try to gather them together.

-Sonja London


So great to have you back Cristián!
I couldn’t be happier about you taking things over.

Among your many contributions, both in terms of community support and code, I’ll never forget working with you on one of most complex portions of the s2Member codebase. I still agree with your assessment that there’s a lot of room to grow the software based on that work, and I look forward to seeing all of your ideas from the past, present, and future come to fruition.

Here’s to an amazing 2019, and beyond!

To all of you following Cristián, please know that s2Member is in VERY good hands now.


Thank you all so much. I am very touched. :cry:

It’s really great to have you guys. :heart:

I hope you enjoy where we take this.

I look forward to many good years with you. :smile:


Can you clearly post about your plans on updating Comet Cache?

I’m using it in many sites, and I was planning to move on to WP Rocket given the lack of updates of the plugin.


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Hello Cristian, I’d love it if the plugin s2Member can send automated emails whenever I post a new locked post to all signed up members of a level and higher. This is the site I have the plugin installed on: https://support.ivanavanderveen.com/ That would be truly great! Much Love :heart::heart::heart: Ivana


You made my day when I read that S2 Member and Comet Cache would live on. I had been concerned about the future for both of these great tools. Congratulations on coming back.

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