Comet Cache Pro Version Not Working

Hello - I have the exact same issue as this poster:

I have been waiting for over a month for a reply from the original Dev - But I guess he’s not around any more.

Anyway, I paid $139 USD for this license and I need this working on my website. Can you please assist.

Regards, John

“Not working” won’t get you any help. You need to explain in detail what you have done, what happens, and what you expected to happen.

Well I thought that was clear from my first post with the link I gave. So here it is again:

Comet Cache “free version” works fine with my Wordpress Multisite set up. Of course I wanted to make use of the extra functions, so I paid $139 for the Pro version. On install, the Pro version activates, but when I visit the plugin settings, I am unable to:

A: Enable the Cache
B: There is no SAVE BUTTON at the footer of the Comet Cache Pro settings page - so any changes made cannot be saved. This makes the Pro Version completely useless as it is.

From the link I had sent, one of your Mods commented: “It looks like you have another WordPress plugin installed that is introducing a conflict with Comet Cache.” - So, if this is correct, it would be handy to know what plugins are known to affect the functioning of Comet Cache Pro - or, to help with working out what the problem is and how to fix it.

No-one is one of “my” mods. I am not part if WP Sharks. Nor is anyone else here. We are just users like you. So if you want help, you provide all info as fully and easily as possible. Now at least you have a chance of getting some.

Thanks Tim - So that confirms that the Comet Cache Pro is not actually supported by anyone. That’s all I really needed to know.


It looks like there is nobody in that side.