Cannot activate comet cache pro²


I just tried to in install Comete cache pro, but impossible to activate ther is no Save Button

Free version work, but pro version doesnt

I have already desactivate all pluggin to make a test but same result, activating is impossible

thanks to help excuse my english



Could you please include a screenshot so that we can see what’s happening? Which “Save” button are you referring to?

You can see ; i cant validate the Option “Yes, enable Comet cache”

It looks like you have another WordPress plugin installed that is introducing a conflict with Comet Cache. Please see Testing in a Clean WordPress Installation.

Ok , i install on same server on a new wordpress and its ok, thats work ! So, now how i can make it working on my site ?
you can help me ? i paid for a multi licence and i will install comete cache for all my site but if its working for only new site thats not cool :frowning: how i can do ? i cant restart my site … thx for helping

No ? you can’t help ?

@ascourtage If you’re a Pro customer, please open a support ticket for help.