Add "Choose Membership" to registration Dropdown


I am wondering how to add “choose membership” to the paypal pro form so that way users are required to choose which membership they want.
So default it would be “Choose Membership” in the box, then they would pull the dropdown menu and choose the correct membership.

Go to Stripe or PayPal Pro Forms and see the last item on the list:

Wrapping Multiple Shortcodes as "Checkout Options"

I see that, but there isnt an option to just add a “Choose Membership” and then have my options in the drop down… I do have them both set that way and it is working correctly but right now, the default is Membership Option 1 and then you can change the drop down to Membership Option 2… but before those I want inside of the dropdown something that says “choose Membership” Does that help explain a little better?

I see. You’d need to add some javascript for that, or else use a tooltip.

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Or maybe create a ‘dummy’ membership like so:

[s2Member-Pro-Paypal-Form desc="Choose an option..." /]

And make that the first option.

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Unfortunately that does not work. For some reason when I do that, it removes my first membership option and doesnt even show the Choose an option.