Zapier Webhook to S2Member Pro (create user)

I tried posting this in response to another thread, but haven’t received a response in there.

Does S2Member support the ability to create users and add levels through a Webhook from Zapier?

OptimiseMember, which shares a lot of similarities with S2Member does (I believe they built of S2Member), and this works perfectly for adding a user to a level and/or package when sending a Webhook request through Zapier.

Using the Pro API for remote operations you should be able to send requests to your sites API: and if you’re including your API key and the other required variables (same as OPM almost) this should work.

However, I’ve not been able to get this to work on a website and I’m look to see if this is actually supported by S2Member. There’s nothing I can see that would indicate that it wouldn’t be (it’s almost identical to OptimiseMember in this area).

You can see their documentation at

Part 2 is the actual setting up of the Webhook.

Doing the same thing (but for S2Member using the S2Member variable for a level), doesn’t appear to work (at least on the site I’m trying on).

Anyone else done this?