Yearly subscription from a fixed date

I need my clubs membership to run from January to January and mainly want sign ups to be ‘auto-renew’.
I believe this isn’t possible through s2 member as it stands and I’d need an expert to do some background coding?
Is there anyone out there who might be able to help with this please?

Yes, you’ll need to do a little custom coding, but it’s not too complicated. This article walks you through it:

Thank you so much for your time.
I think I’ve seen this article and it seems it’s now out of date, unless you know different?
I think it requires a plug in (or something) that’s no longer available?
I’ll double check if it’s the same thing, but I THINK that’s why I need an expert! (Coding is way out of my comfort zone)

It ‘requires ezPHP’ which is no longer available.
It’s frustrating as this proves it CAN be done but I can’t find the right person to actually do it!

I asked about this sort of thing earlier this year and @EricT managed to come up with a solution. I must admit due to being busy with other things, I never got around to trying it myself at the time and I was just coming to find the code again now when I found your messages.

Here’s the thread that I started on the matter with the code that EricT supplied in;

Hope it’s of use.

Thank you. I’ve only just seen this so sorry for slow reply