WordPress Table Comparison between Free Version and Paid-for Pro Version

The question is why it’s not meeting your expectations!

If it’s because you are starting with a single site and moving to a multisite, then the answer might simply be to convert the former to a multisite too and start from there. Of course, you’d need a solid backup before you try it.

Thanks Tim @KTS915 . My expectations come from these screen shots.

Live Site Users Roster (ignore the user count bar…that was solved via phpMyAdmin mysql query)

Live Site Users Roster - after Export/Import (see next thread – this forum has to many posting restrictons)
You will see that none of the User Meta in the boxed area migrates.

And your comment on upgrading the standalone site to Multisite is interesting in that the first mention of this needing to be the pathway. All prior posts and threads and questions on this exact topic and the recommendation to purchase Pro and install on both sites never generated the requirement that the source site needed to be multisite. That makes the whole process and purchase of Pro a game-changer.

Live Site Users Roster - after Export/Import

I was not saying that it does require the dev site to be multisite. I was speculating about what might be an easy thing to try if you have a good backup.

The dev site (i.e., target) is multisite. The live site (i.e., source) is standalone. Both sites run the exact same versions of WP and Plugins.

The bottom-line still stands – you can’t Export from standalone s2Member site into a multisite s2Member site.

Can not you use a single-site WP for tests? You can install a WP in a subdir of your multisite WP main dir, and you will have an equivalent environment to test (which I always prefer). Well, maybe you have reasons, even you maybe explain, but I forgot…

Can not you use a single-site WP for tests?

No, because the data in the tables are dependent upon the multisite siteID so you are not developing and testing in an “apples-to-apples” environment.

OK, so maybe try an external plugin to import a single site to WPME, with all the meta values. But I can not suggest any - never did myself…

I cannot export my users to another site in any way. It informs that there is no such ID. How do I remove this?

You’re exporting users from one site, and importing into another? Are you using the same tool version in both? i.e. simple or advanced.

If you’re creating new users, the User ID should be empty. The ID is used when updating an existing user.


I’m using the same version of s2member, the same version of wordpress as well.

When I export in an advanced way, it informs me that there is no ID.

I didn’t quite understand this error.

So the exporter (not the importer) says that there is no ID? ID of the user?

Could you show please me the exact error you get?

And as a test, what happens with the simple exporter?