Wordpress page not updating


When one of our admin updates a post, it does not refresh on the front end. So when he, say, adds more text to his post the new text doesn’t show on the front end. Here are some more specifics:

  1. This happens in safari, chrome and firefox
  2. You can see the update when logged in but logged out users can not see it.
  3. It only happens for a specific user. This isn’t happening to every admin who updates a post.
  4. It stops happening when the user disables comet cache.

Please advise

Hi Kim,

That’s very odd. The cache update would be triggered by the post update, shouldn’t depend on who does it.

Does that person have anything different about his account compared to another admin, like some difference in capabilities when looked at closely with something like the the User Role Editor?

And did he try clicking the Clear Cache > Current URL from the Admin Bar when on that page? Does that fix it?

You can see the update when logged in but logged out users can not see it.

You mean the Admin that has that problem can see the update, or any logged in user can see the update?

Nothing different about this persons admin environment.
When he clicks to clear the cache- yes it does work. But this is a pain for him as he’s the website owner and is always creating content. So, what then, in this situation do you suggest?

To your last question- the admin that has the problem can see the update from his logged in status but when he checks the update from a logged out point of view the update is not there.

Thank you, I Look forward to your response.

Nevermind @clavaque! Don’t want you to waste more time on this we found the culprit. It is a plugin called category list posts and it uses shortcodes to pull posts onto different pages. It was within this plugin that the updates were not instant. TY

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Thank you for the update! I’m glad you found the source of the issue. :slight_smile: