Wordfence with s2member

Anyone else use both s2member and wordpress? They have a couple of redundant features. Wondering if I should leave wordfence at default or deactivate something in one such as brute force protection.


Hi Vincent,

I haven’t used WordFence, so don’t know what features they share in common. But from experience, if two plugins affect the same thing, it’s better to only use one of them, or you risk some kind of conflict or randomness.


Hi Vincent,
I agree that it is best to not use multiple plugins that affect the same feature. However, I use the free wordfence on my sites and have not noticed any problems or conflicts.

What features are redundant that you are concerned about, because it is possible they can be turned off in either plugin. (It was a while since I configured both plugins, so I might be forgetting which settings I defer to which plugin.)


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Well, they both have BRUTE FORCE PROTECTION and lockout. I don’t see any benefit for using both.

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Gotcha. Yeah, that is a setting you definitely would only want one plugin managing.

On my site I believe I defer to WordFence’s brute force protection.


Not using two plugins to perform the same functionality is solid advice. Wordfence will let you disable the Brute Force protection if you want to use S3’s BFP. You could also set the number of attempts before locking someone out to a higher number than the plugin you didn’t want to use and that might work as well if, for example, you wanted to use WF for BFP and not S3, you would set S3 to block after 20 attempts and WF after 5. Obviously, you’d want to test that. Wordfence’s BFP is on the Firewall > All Firewall Options page.

Hope this helps.