Woocommerce and s2member seamless integration in 2019?

hi this quesiton has been asked few times but in 2019 seems still to be the top 3 headache for most s2member

so is there any plan for seamless integration for s2member with woocommerce pls?

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Hi John.

I haven’t looked into this yet, but I do want to do that. No ETA, but it’d be nice to make it this year if possible.

I’d really appreciate if you could tell me what things you’d like to be able to do, so I add them to my list and have a better idea of what’s needed or wanted.

Thanks! :smiley:

To me, any kind of cart integration would be nice so that individual classes/access could be purchased more than one at the time.


So you want Woo to sell the access, not to protect something in Woo?

hi Clavaque,

if there is any extra plugins that allow s2member integration with woocommerce, i would gladly pay for it

i want to allow users to add to cart and send to woocommerce and pay items at once, so that coupon code is applied via woocommerce, and the best part is that, we can see abandoned cart and can send email to clients.

For me, it is only the functionality of having a cart, so people can add to it, and make one purchase of several “access” so to speak. S2M has the possibility to have a “buy now” button, so it just seams logical to have the option to “buy” several items/classes/blog posts/access in one purchase.
So, for me, specifically, it is not necessarily an integration with Woo, but if such integration can bring the functionality to s2M, that would be it.


Thanks John. So you’re talking about selling s2Member’s access using the WooCommerce cart?

Thanks Carole. I fully agree, and this is in my list and intend to do it. :slight_smile:


Yes !

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Hi, just wondering if the option to purchase membership was ever fully integrated with the woocommerce basket? If so, this membership option wins for me.

No integration to Woo has been added as far as I am aware.

Such a shame. I will look elsewhere.

s2Member and Woocommerce 2023.
What I would do with it:
Offer membership purchases through Woo-commerce so I could offer those along with other items in a store.
Offer the ability for members to have access to virtual products with limits on the number of unique virtual products that can be downloaded based on membership level.
Offer discounts on other store items as well as loyalty rewards for ongoing purchases.
Restricted pages based on memberships.

How it might work for me…
A person purchases a monthly subscription that renews each month. They have access to a specific category where they can load X number of items into a shopping cart from that category and “purchase” them for free. Once a preset limit has been reached, they can still add items to the cart but they will have to pay an additional fee. (perhaps a discounted one) Each month when they automatically renew, the number of free items resets. We could also offer memberships that give a set number of items for a one time fee. Anyone without a membership could still purchase those virtual items, but they would be at full price.
A one time purchase that gives X number of free downloads per month for one year. Also be able to download more by purchase after a limit has been reached.

In a way, there are a number of functions and abilities that s2Member could hand off to Woocommerce and focus on file and page membership restrictions, as well as member levels, access, etc. Typically s2Member is more about access to restricted content but this would also expand it to become part of an e-commerce solution. I feel it’s possible this could expand the number of people that might want to purchase s2Member as this would offer a lot more flexibility.
When you upgrade to pro s2Member, you get an extra plugin to install. You could probably do something similar. Offer a WooCommerce plugin to s2 for a fee.