Integration of s2member with the paid marketplace

Hello friends,

I realized that s2member does not have integration with paid market, any suggestion how to have this integration ?

I would like to integrate with mercado pago, has anyone done that ?

Thanks !

Hi Robert,

What do you mean by paid marketplace? Do you have a link? Do you mean MercadoLibre?

There isn’t a MercadoPago integration yet, but it’s in my requests list. I’m adding your vote for it.


Hi Christian,

Thanks for your response.

I had already contacted some professionals, however, they charge too much to create a script that works with S2member.

It is unfeasible to pay 1000 dollars or more for this project.

I noticed that several members have already requested the integration with “mercado pago”.

If you can, pay special attention to this integration.

Even if it were a Script with the S2member remote it would be welcome.


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I sure think that with the Buy Now option available in s2Member, it could be a nice way for members to buy separate products (ebooks, standalone classes, audio files, etc.) and being able to have more than one in a single transaction would surely help with user experience and owner’s revenue.
But integration with something that already exists (like Woo-Commerce) would be a great help and you would not have to develop everything.

Yes. But S2member unfortunately has no integration with woocommerce .

Trafix, I agree, I was responding to Cristian in order to add weight to that suggestion.

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There has been this discussion since 2019 and Cristian even promised this integration.

See the post Woocommerce and s2member seamless integration in 2019?

4 years ago.

It seems that s2member has not evolved much