Won't redirect to membership options page

Hi, my question is what happens if someone tries to go to a restricted area (I restrict them using tags).

It’s supposed to redirect to my membership options page:


But instead, this is what happens:


You didn’t post a direct link to a protected page, but on the second link you provided I’m seeing mixed content warnings. Fix that first and see what happens. You probably need that JS served over HTTPS for things to work.

Another plugin might be responsible too, so it’s best to deactivate ALL of them except s2, get it working, and then add them back one at a time to see which one broke things.

Big WP hint: make sure your urls in WP settings -> general are https links.

Then correct any image links in your pages individually or use the wp cli over ssh after a db backup if your host gives you access.

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Okay, well, getting rid of the logo did get rid of the errors. It looks like maybe our developer switched us to https, too, so I updated that today.

Here is one of the pages behind the membership wall.


I’m still getting the weird redirect thing.


Hi Mike.

Those variables you see after the question mark in the URL, are the Membership Options Page variables. If that’s the page s2Member is redirecting the person to, that’s the page you set as the Membership Options Page in s2…

Please double-check your setting for it: WP Admin > s2Member > General > Membership Options Page


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Cristian, merci, after playing around with that, I was able to get it to work. Maybe the weird issue occurred because the page I had redirected it to didn’t have anything on it? Anyway, it is doing what I need it to now.

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Great. :slight_smile: