Will s2Member ever be compatible with the WP block editor?

Just wondering if there is any chance that s2Member will be compatible with WP 5’s block editor? I’m using the Yoast plugin which has all kinds of great features for adding schema to my pages, but as I understand it, the features only work with the block editor. And again as I understand it, s2Member is currently not compatible with the block editor (which is why I had to install the Classic Editor plugin).

is there any hope that we’ll see s2Member working with the block editor in the near future? Or I am stuck learning how to add all the schema manually?

If you use Rank Math instead of Yoast, you’ll still get all the schema without needing to use blocks.

Thanks Tim. Is it possible to use Yoast and Rank Math together? I like the other features Yoast offers, like readability analysis, so I’d hate to give it up completely.

Sorry, I don’t know. Never tried.

Hi Stephen.

I guess you mean Gutenberg, right? What part of s2Member aren’t you being able to use there? :slight_smile:

Hi Cristian, am I wrong in thinking that s2Member is not compatible with Gutenberg? I thought it was necessary to install the Classic Editor plugin in order for s2Member to remain functional with WordPress 5. Can you actually use s2Member with the block editor?

Yes, you can. Not every block will parse shortcode, but some do. I’ve seen shortcodes work in blocks: Shortcode, Paragraph, Custom HTML and Classic.