Where to Manage Data on Users other than in User Profile

s2 is doing a great job with keeping track of payments and restricting content.

Since most users don’t ever go back and edit their User Profile, all those extra fields are out-of-date, or even missing, if they don’t enter data when they first register.

I need a suggestion for the best way to store ‘Other’ (other than needed for registration) User data, like interests & whatever else the Club would like to know about them.

I thought about Forms, Surveys, etc. I want to be able to allow one/one set of forms to Level 1 users (Individual Membership) and multiple sets/forms to Level 2 users (Household Membership). I can use s2 to show only the form(s) that belong to that member and remind them to update periodically.

I don’t really need to link to any of the email plugins, but could if that’s the best solution.
We’re using Event Manager Pro & Tickets, but I didn’t see anything there that does what I want.

Ideas? I soooo want to get rid of my huge Google doc that keeps track of all the things that don’t belong in the User Profile. I’m currently exporting my s2 database to pull some of the data into that Google doc (EOT, UserID . . . WordPress stuff). There are lots more I’d like to track :slight_smile:


Since s2Member adds onto WordPress user profile, you just need to add the other fields in the s2Member/General Options/Registration - Profile Fields & Options. I have setup sites with radio buttons for different things, popup lists of street names, and more. Once a user level is set s2M can protect pages for specific levels.

I have one customer with 18,000 member records and we keep track of district or village they live in, their EOT, their address, phone, city, state, second address, spouse, multiple phone numbers & email addresses. All the data stays together and can be exported. We also send tickets and name badges using a plugin to merge data onto an existing PDF document.

I think you need to look into what s2Member can do for you before finding alternatives.


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Hi Sue,

You can make some fields not show during signup, only later in the profile. That’d keep the signup form smaller with the required fields only, if I understand correctly what you want…

In the options page Jim mentioned, when you edit the custom field, there’s an option to hide it during registration but show it in the profile:


Or maybe another option for that setting does better what you want…


Thanks! I’ll take a fresh look at what’s available.

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