What happens to active members when I change payment gateway?


I would like to change payment gateway on the website from Stripe to Authorize.net

My question, what happens to my existing members after I generate new pro forms? If they need to change their payment details or subscription level, will they have to re-sign-up using Authorize.net?
Is it possible to move all members from Stripe to Authorize?

Thanks in advance

Hi Anastasiya.

You can change the pro-forms for Authorize.Net ones for new sales/subscriptions.

Existing subscriptions in Stripe will continue running there. If you want those moved over to Authorize.Net, you can’t just export and import, you need to cancel the Stripe ones and have the customer resubscribe with AuthNet.

If you decide to leave the existing subscriptions running on Stripe, keep the Stripe integration configured in s2Member, even if you don’t sell new ones. Stripe will notify s2 of ending subscriptions, and s2 will do the EOT action you configured (e.g. demotion).

I hope that helps. :slight_smile: