Welcome page redirect doesn’t work

I am sure I have missed a setting but not sure where.

Here’s the environment:

  • Brand new site install (1 week old)
  • WP2021 theme activated. No customization
  • No Posts, comments turned off, search engine discouraged.
  • Three users – Administrator, 1 level 2 and 1 Level 3
  • Only the s2member plugin FREE framework installed
  • Three pages – member-options, welcome-2 (for level 2 users), welcome-3(for level 3 users)
  • Member options page selected in settings
  • Member profile modifications – redirect members set to ‘Yes’
  • Welcome page redirect set to - [http://www.mysite.com/welcome-%%current_user_level%%]
  • Welcome-2 page level restriction set to Level 2 or higher. Welcome-3 page level restriction set to Level 3 or higher

Here is what’s happening:

When the respective page level restriction is set within the page the user is redirected to the ‘Members Option’ page after login and not the welcome page for that level. If the page level restriction is NOT set the user is redirected to the correct welcome page after login.

The redirect only works correctly if the page is set to full public access and without restriction.

Keeping in mind I have no other plugins to cause a conflict, no customizations to the theme, no users other than two test dummies purely to test s2member. I have deactivated and reactivated s2memeber multiple times.

Are welcome pages meant to have unrestricted public access?
What settings have I missed?

Here is something unusual the has fixed the problem. I think?

If I change the slug in the protected page to be eg. /2-welcome-2 even though the welcome page redirect is set to : /welcome-%%currnet_user_level%% is grants access.

Please excuse my ignorance but what is happening here?

Yes, that is unusual.

I replied to your other post about the same, but I’ll ask here,too:

What are the vars in the URL of the Membership Options Page after the redirection? And what happens if you remove the level restriction from the /welcome-2 page, does the Login Welcome redirection take you there correctly then?