Welcome EMail Problems

So every configuration Ive done I cannot change the welcome email - whether I set the custom passwords or not. The email sends regardless. It also will not send the email that I have updated only the default one. Again this sends no matter how I set it up.

Also I get a dead link when a new user clicks on the set password link in the email.

I am using S2Member Pro.!


Any ideas?

Other plugins maybe? I know improper CloudFlare settings can cause this.

Edit: I just checked to see who is hosting and that’s not necessarily it.

When you go back to the options page, does it have the edited email or the default?

Are you clicking the “save” button at that bottom of the page after you make the changes to the email template in your options?

The password reset link looks unusual, because instead of /wp-login.php it says /loginnow/. It looks like you have customized this, but that URL doesn’t work: https://fanpride.zone/loginnow/


So my login is normal now - I have the email edited and I am recieveing it but it is still not allowing me to set the password I keep getting a dead link

Good. Making progress.

Are you using WordPress multisite or a normal WP installation?

Can I have a link to register and get the email, to test the password reset link and see the behavior? You can send it privately if you want, click on my name and then the blue message button.