Weird issue with PayPal email address

At this past Monday night’s meeting (6-10-19) we had about 7 new members signup. But as part of that process, on 3 PayPal invoice emails our admins received, the names were correct but all showed the same, incorrect email address that belongs to a different member.

That email address belongs to a member who paid her dues on 4-16-19. Our treasurer contacted PayPal earlier today via chat support and gave them the transaction ID’s, names and email address that was used 3 times. The PayPal person said that the transactions were all “guest checkouts” so any email address could be used.

Have you ever seen anything like this before? Any idea how that the email of that person (who hasn’t been to a meeting since April 16th when she renewed) could have showed up on these June 10th transactions???

If you would like to see the PayPal chat session transcript, I could send it along in a private message.


Hi Chuck.

Wow, that’s a very strange behavior, can’t say I remember having seen it mentioned before.

Two things come to mind, and would be worth for you to explore: caching and outdated customization.

Something like CloudFlare or object caching, maybe.

And I’ve seen sites have a weird behavior, and after research find it coming from an old customization that a developer left there while testing and never removed. I doubt this is the case for you, though, but still good to verify. Check your must-use plugins folder: /wp-content/mu-plugins/ See:

I’m more inclined to suspect the caching, though.

You can also follow these: (you can ignore the MySQL warning in the Server Scanner)

Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile:

Hi Cristian - I sent a reply by clicking on your name/icon to send a message. Not sure if you got it though. Is there some place where I see messages that are sent? Thx

Got your message, just replied. Yes, please enable logging and get back to me with the relevant entries when/if it happens again. Thanks! :slight_smile: