We get "Error #11586. DPRP is disabled." PayPal says it is

About a year ago we setup s2Member Pro on our WordPress site and was able to send multiple transactions through the to PayPal. My client has not been using the site for many months but when he recently tried again, he received an “Error #11586. DPRP is disabled. DPRP is disabled for this merchant.”

We made sure WordPress was up-to-date and we have the current s2Member installed. We also reset back to the default theme. We called PayPal and they said nothing has changed on our account but that Recurring Payment was not active. We signed up/activated this and we still get the same error. We asked why this worked early last year and they said they didn’t know.

Any ideas? I know PayPal has different kinds of accounts but the account we have, Pro, I believe, is the same account we had last year. Thanks for the help!

It sounds like you don’t have the right PayPal account, or that you haven’t enabled something in PayPal.

Google Error #11586 to get all the info you need.

Tim, I agree. PayPal says we have the right account and helped us setup the recurring payments add on. That is where I keep getting hung up. Also strange because it worked fine a year ago.

Hi there-- Did you ever figure out a fix to the problem? I have a client who is having the same issue. It works with paypal, but when you click a credit card option to pay, we get the same error. Error #11586. DPRP is disabled. DPRP is disabled for this merchant.

Hi David and Katie,
Did you guys manage to resolve that DPRP error? After 5+ yrs of using Paypal more or less successfully from my S2MemberPro site, I had a website visitor today report the same error message that you guys described. I’ve just written Paypal as well just to see if they need to update my account type to suit the recurring payment functionality that hooks into S2Member.

Thanks in advance,