Warning error message on WP site


Has anyone seen this warning message before? If so any advice on how to fix this in the dev? I have updated all of the plugins and the version of WP. I am not an experienced WP developer. The person who built my site can’t address it right now but I’m in really unfamiliar territory here so I don’t know where to begin.

If you have links to articles and sites that could assist me that would be great.


Hey @FemmeDesignerPDX!

Unfortunately this looks related to your hosting environment. Network File Systems (NFS) sometimes have issues with PHP apps that write and delete from the file system frequently (as Comet Cache does) and based on the path in your screenshot it looks like your site is using NFS (the /nfs/ path tells me this).

My recommendation is to talk to your web host about this to see if they can help you, or to consider switching web hosts.