Visibility of Pages Available Only to Logged in Members

If I have a page that is only accessible by logged in members and I list contact email addresses, are those email addresses protected from Email SPAM bots.

The general public can not see that page, so I am assuming that the email addresses are protected by s2Member.

Yes, both by WP and s2M - needs user’s account and password to see that page. Also you must set [s2If conditions] to ensure that the page will not shows to everyone.

Thanks… I have Page Level Restriction set so that the page is only accessible to a logged in Role

Do I also need to set [s2If conditions] on the page?

This is an interesting question.
I would have guessed that s2 restrictions would not stop web crawlers. I did a test of content on a protected page and it does not show up in Google. In this case the page itself is protected by s2Level1 and a ccap. In addition there are conditionals with in the page. But even the content on the top, outside of all the conditionals does not show up in a search.

I’m pleasantly surprised.