Using Paypal Payment Pro or WooCommerce Paypal with S2

Hi everyone. After installing the S2 I tried to sign up for the Paypal Payment Pro and I am having problems signing up. I am an Australian Paypal customer living overseas and already have a business account set up in Australia. US Paypal told me to call Australian Paypal and they said they’d have someone in the US call - never happened. Although my preference is to use the Paypal Pro - I might not be able to. Anyone from overseas had this problem of signing up with them?

I had already created a WooCommerce account and got Paypal approved there before I discovered S2. It only has a 2 star rating though which sounds bad. Is there any problem using this with S2? I guess this is just the ‘basic Paypal version’?

I would appreciate any tips from anyone. I really want to complete my website over the weekend if possible. Thanks!!

Hi Marianne,

PayPal can be frustrating at times. I moved countries, and it was horrible.

PayPal Pro is useful to take payments on your site, instead of having the person go to their site for checkout. Have you looked at Stripe? It’s more popular for this. Way friendlier, and cheaper.

You mention WooCommerce. s2 doesn’t conflict with it, but also doesn’t really integrate with it. You can’t use Woo to sell s2 access, but you can use s2’s URI restriction to restrict access to WooCommerce pages.

To sell s2’s access, you’d use s2’s pro-forms (e.g. Stripe) or buttons (PayPal Standard).