Using more than 1 pro-form with the same member level

I want to offer the same member level at different choices. So 1) would be regular annual price. 2) would be free 30 day than recurring regular price starts.
can I do that?

Just have one line for each.

Same with PayPal Buttons, if you use them (but double check PayPal Buttons work on your integration as many of us are having problems).

You can sell the same level with different plans/prices, no problem. You can have the pro-form in different pages, or you can have one with different options. For checkout options see: WP admin > s2Member Pro > Stripe Pro-Forms > Wrapping Multiple Shortcodes as “Checkout Options”

For the initial period, use the trial/initial term attributes: ta, tt, tp. WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Stripe Pro-Forms > Shortcode Attributes