Using Gift Codes

Is it possible to create a form that requests a Sendto email address and then after clicking the Submit button for the form, the action creates a mailto:"" along with a predetermined Subject and Body? This action would cause the users email to popup a new with the Sendto, Subject, and Body filled out. The user now just clicks Send. This would be nice if it is doable.

I am wanting to allow the user to email the recipient of the Gift Coupon code directly from the Redemption Codes page rather than have to cut and paste the code into an email they create. I have make the Gift Code clickable and I send that click to a new page where I can capture the Gift Code from the URL variable. I am wanting to allow my user that purchased that Gift Coupon the ability to enter an email address to someone they want to send that Gift Coupon to on the clicked to page which allow me to provide the Subject line and information how to use the Gift Coupon and link to where to use that Gift Code in the Body text.

Is that possible?

Appreciate any help.

Thank you,

Hey Bill, @MCBAwebmaster

If you have the code from the url why can’t you create and send the email?

But yes, it would be nice to have a simple mailto button next to each code.

I am trying to make it bulletproof for my users. So, I if can preload an email with the tricky information then that is better. Lots of my user are really old!

Hey @MCBAwebmaster,

You can to this without writing code if you use gravity forms. I have done something very similar and just verified the options. Now I paid for gravity forms but its cheap and worth it if doing something like this.