Using different login

I am using Profile Builder Pro which provides everything needed for managing roles, registration, login / logout, etc.

I would use S2Member’s login widget with Elementor, but it doesn’t even work… I put correct credentials in click login and NOTHING happens!

So I am using Profile Builder Pro for login, my question is will S2Member still ‘monitor’ a user logging in? Like brute force protection, numerous incorrect login attempts, sharing IP, etc?

I am using s2Member’s login widget with Elementor, and it works. I am wondering why yours does not work.

Probably because I am using Profile Builder Pro for all aspects of login, / logout.
I’m actually using Gravity Forms for registration because I use API to do other things on other sites with same user base.

With so many serious unanswered questions in need of support, I am ONLY using S2Member for the many many shortcode conditionals! I dont even use S2Member for my processing with PayPal, Stripe and CCbill lol. Can’t put my busy member site solely in the hands of S2Member anymore.

I do all of my membership adds / deletes, EOT, level changes through S2M API only! With Gravity Forms and webhooks everything works 100%. ALL of my signups, member level changes, etc., work perfectly this way… plus wayyyy more control!

Some of the issues that I see unanswered would lead me to not buy S2M, but I’ve had it for years, and have always found the API and Shortcodes to be the best bar-none of all the membership plugins I’ve used over the years, so that’s why I came back to use it for this one very busy member site, really needed those conditional shortcodes lol.