Using conditionals with time. Is that possible?

Using conditional shortcodes can be so versatile for many things, however, I don’t know if there is a way to write a conditional shorcode relating to time. For example, display a certain content only after a certain date/time; or display it only until a certain time; etc.

As an example, I am planning an activity on my site where a specific image has to be found to get a hint. The activity lasts only 3 days, so I would like to have those images (there are a dozen) only available for the specific days of the event and then “disappear” automatically.

So far, I have done all the work manually, adding images to pages and posts right before midnight, then, go back to all the pages/posts to remove then after the deadline. I think it would be great if it could be automated.

If it is not available now, maybe it could be a new feature (on your looooong to-do list of ideas).

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There’s a free plugin I use for that purpose.

I am not related to them but the plugin works pretty well.



Oh, thanks!!! That must be very useful!

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I really like it, very much. You can schedule any content etc. It’s very versatile and FREE. :grin:

I like the price and like that it is updated (too many plugins get abandoned :frowning: )

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My only paid Wordpress plugin is s2Member Pro

Oh, just remembered to tell you it’s ok to use certain plugins that don’t receive updates, if they’re simple enough. Not ideal, of course, but sometimes you might need one for a very specific reason (avoid them as much as possible but it’s sometimes okay).

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Yeah, but not being a programmer myself, I can’t tell the difference :slight_smile:

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