Users Not Upgraded to Paid Status after Clickbank Checkout

Hi guys,

I would truly appreciate any insight or support.

Problem #1:

User pays and checkouts with Clickbank, but…

User IS NOT upgraded to S2Member Level 1 (paid status), therefore unable to create or register for an account.

I am redirecting all paid users to the Registration page.

Please do advise, thanks!

Hi Andrew.

Please verify that your s2Member+ClickBank integration is complete and correct. WP Admin > s2Member > ClickBank Options

And enable logging and do a new test purchase. Please show me the relevant links from all the log files.


Thanks Cristian, I will create the log files + screenshot this evening.

Hi Cristian,

I have uploaded the log files here (Since I can’t upload via forum), please help look into this.

Thank you.