User role history and EOT format plugin

I created a subscription membership website using S2Member and our customer needed to be able see user susbscription history. This plugin adds a field to the user profile - adding a line every time the user role chages - with role and date chaged.

Also our administrators were having problems manually editing the EOT date (US UK format), so I have included a jQuery date picker that populates the EOT field in an appropriate formation.

Just giving the plugin link in case its useful to anyone else.


That’s really nice of you, John. :heart:

Thank you so much for sharing it! :slight_smile:

Going through the code, I see it adds a “Personal Information” field in the user’s profile/edit, and it’s saved in usermeta as user_history. Role changes are added automatically, but can be edited manually, too.

There’s the Aministrative Notes field already in the profile, which you could use to add the update lines to. s2 already adds demotion notes there. src/includes/classes/

This wouldn’t keep track of s2 access capability changes, though. Something to keep in mind if you use custom capabilites.

s2 already keeps a log of user access changes as capabilities (not roles): s2member_access_cap_times. You could use it if you need to display ccap changes too. It doesn’t have an interface yet, I may give it one. src/includes/classes/


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Thank you Cristián

We are just using roles to provide hierarchical permissions. We havent used Custom Capabilities for this website.

What I may add im future is information as to how the roles were changed, for example - manually by admin, or via payment.

I will let you know if I extend it.

Thank you again!

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It would be fabulous to have such an addition.

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