User changes to profile using S2Member profile shortcode not saving

Users that try to update information in profile fields are not saving. I have fields that are applicable to specific membership levels that users should be able to edit. The fields show up as expected in their profile, and can be edited by the user. They do not save. It is only the fields that are assigned to specific levels that this happens to. All the other fields that are left for all are able to be edited by users.
It is set to Yes (allow edits) for each of these fields.
Even logged in admin the fields do not save changes in the profile fields. I can only edit these fields using the backend user edit fields.

Anyone with ideas how to fix this?

I narrowed it down to Jetpack Pro is interfering. If I disable Jetpack everything works as it should.
Jetpack support says it is s2. Imagine that. There was a very recent major update to Jetpack. This worked before that so.

Thank you! I’ve been having the same issue. The problem has even stopped members from updating their billing details.

I also upgraded my Jetpack to version 10.6 (from 10.3), but the problem remains.

Jetpack was no help at all. They point the finger at s2member