Use stripe proforms to sell additional products

I know that s2member is not a cart, but restricts access to WP, BUT is there a way to integrate stripe proforms with a cart integration (woo commerce, etc) so that someone can purchase BOTH a membership and a digital product without putting in their information separately?

I am thinking like to be able to sell an upgrade or for example if someone purchases a digital product, they can add the membership to their cart as well.

Is this possible? Can it be done with the Buy Now Buttons?

No one likes to pull out the credit card more than once for a site…

I would suggest you do it the other way around: sell s2Member roles via the WoocCommerce cart. There are ways to do this with code, but there’s also a ready-built plugin that will enable you to do this. See a thread I created a couple of years ago: WooCommerce and s2Member

Thank you! I see on your old thread that you hadn’t used it at the time. Have you used it since and what was your experience!?!? I appreciate your insight!

No, I have done it with my own custom code. But that tells me it’s not that hard, and that plugin has great reviews, so it would be much cheaper for you to buy it than pay a developer to build the same functionality from scratch.


I’d love anyone else’s insight on this as well!