Use Stripe Payment Link to then register user

I’m new to S2 but I have it installed on my site (and bought Pro a few days ago) and I’m working to configure it.

I would like to be able to use Stripe’s Payment Link on my site to handle the transaction, then have it return the buyer to a page on my site where they can complete user registration. Is there any way to make this happen?

While I can use the Stripe Pro Forms, I find that Stripe’s UX is more modern, supports Apple / Google Pay, and seems a lot more managable.

One thing I thought SHOULD work but doesn’t, is registering for my site first, then using the payment link and checking out with the identical info. I figured the S2 would get the webhook and would match it up with the existing user. That didn’t happen.

Is there any flow that could do what I’m looking for? Thank you!

Hi Aaron,

For Stripe you have s2’s pro-form, that handles the registration too. WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Stripe Pro-Forms

For a special redirection after payment, see: WP Admin > s2Member Pro > Stripe Pro-Forms > Custom Return URLs Upon Success

If you want the user to register first, and then pay, you can do that, just make sure he logins to his account after registration, and after payment s2 will upgrade his account.


Hey Christian, thanks for the reply!

So I’m trying to understand the possible solution you gave here. Yes, I know I can have a standalone registration form. Check.

I also know I can set Stripe to send the user to a custom URL after a successful payment. Check.

It sounds like you’re saying that I can have the person complete checkout via Stripe Link and direct them to a custom URL with parameters. Would that let the person who’s registering have data carried into the form (I’m guessing hidden) that will go into the registration?

How would the URL be formatted on Stripe’s end? My guess is it’s

I have no issues with playing with the parameters to get it exactly how I want it. I just want to make sure I’m on the right track and also those parameters are ones Stripe recognizes and will pass along. Thank you!

The success redirection URL has some variables, yes. But I’m not sure I understand exactly the flow/behavior you want to achieve. For example:

Would that let the person who’s registering have data carried into the form (I’m guessing hidden) that will go into the registration?

It seem you’re talking about the person paying on the pro-form, and then taken to a registration form, but that’s not how it would work, the pro-form would take the payment and register the user.

Yes, you can do the registration alone. Yes, you can take just a payment, if the user is logged in… And you can also have the visitor pay and register on the same form.

But I think you understand that, so I believe I’m not understanding you.

Could you explain in sequence how you are thinking it should work? And when you talk about the variables, which ones are you thinking of, or do you need in the success page?


Sure. Here’s the sequence that’s ideal for me:

  1. Customer click a Stripe Payment Link on my website.
  2. They are brought to Stripe and complete checkout.
  3. Customer is returned to my website where they can then register an account on my WP instance.
  4. S2 Member is able to sync the registration info with the completed Stripe transaction, giving the user correct access instantly.

Right now, the ONLY way I can see this done is using the Stripe Pro form and it handles it one step. But this form:

A. Looks basic and not modern.
B. Omits the ability to use Apple Pay or Google Pay.
C. Is not fully customizable. For instance, I can’t even figure out how to remove or change the wallet or lock icons in the form because they don’t identify in the web inspector.

My goal is to use Stripe’s modern look whenever possible. I hope this helps clarify. I look forward to hearing back. Thank you!

I see. Thanks for clarifying. Now I see why I wasn’t understanding.

s2 doesn’t integrate with Stripe Checkout on their site. It integrates via other APIs, that allow to take payments on your site with the pro-form. That’s the current integration, although I want to integrate with their Checkout product in the future. I’m adding your vote for it.

You can customize the pro-form to look as you want it, with CSS or editing its template.


Appreciate the insight Cristian. Thank you for that! Yeah, I think I’m just going to have to use the Pro Form and make the best of it.

TBH, full Stripe integration would be awesome and I’m glaf it’s on the radar. You have my full vote on that as a feature.

BTW, I’m brand new to S2 and for a while I was thinking of going the Paid Membership Pro route. But they charge a 1% Stripe fee even on their free tier! Kinda crazy to make a free feature have a fee instead of simply making it a paid item. So, I appreciate that S2 Pro is truly a one-time cost.

Also, your activity on these forums gives me confidence that support is available. I know that is a concern from digging enough. Thank you!!

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Thanks Aaron!

Oh, I didn’t know about their pricing. Yeah, seems too much, but I can understand them. Maybe that pricing model works for some businesses, for example in the early stages if short on funds, bootstrapping, and penny-pinching.

It’s good to have you here! Let us know when you have another question or idea.


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