Use of gift/redemption codes

I have to make sure that an already registered user can use a pro form to access the page with the coupons and then distribute them to other people (these are associations that provide access to the site to their subscribers). The association then enters the pro form, pays and accesses the coupon page. the problem is that he must be able to buy many coupon packages.


I created a page with this shortcode [s2Member-Gift-Codes discount=“100%” quantity=“10” /].

my registered users (association holders) can buy through pro form and they are assigned a new role.
thanks to the new role they access the page with the 10 coupons and so far so good.

but my users need to be able to buy a lot of 10 coupon packages.
The problem is that S2 displays a coupon list which is unique for each user id that views the page.

so if the same user wants to buy a second 10 coupon package, how should I do? if he goes to the same page he always sees the previous 10 coupons. if I create other pages with the shortcode how can I direct them to those specific pages?

Can you help me find a solution?