URL Shortening Service - How to not use any? All shortening services available are spammed!


It’s strange, because if the link generator works and you get a shortened URL, it should work the same after a purchase, the shortener is working.

If you change to TinyURL as you had it before, the problem goes away?

Can I see the log entries relevant to a test purchase that has that behavior? WP Admin > s2Member > Log Files

Is only the signup confirmation one failing, or are other emails not being sent by WordPress?


I am getting other email via the site correctly.

I have just done a test purchase again.
I pay at Clickbank, click to return to my website.
On the thank you page I click the button to register an account.
The registration page shows up, I fill in the info.
When I submit however, I am just shown a blank page.
Even if I referesh the page and resend the form I again get a blank page.
This may be a clue as to the sticking point.

I tried to post the debug logs here, but the forum is saying the post is too long and I can only have two links in the post. Is there another way I can send them to you?

So what you guys concluded which service is the best to use?

Yourls is not a service. You just install it on your root server. Without root you are most likely out of luck. And it does everything you need.

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You could post just the relevant entries from the logs, not the whole thing. Just the entries for the test where you saw that behavior.

Or you can send me a private message, click on my name and then the blue “message” button.

Or you can upload the log file somewhere and send me a link to it.


here is the link:

Thank you for your help so far :slight_smile:

I see the previous link didn’t work for some reason, sorry about that, here is a new link:

Thanks, I could open the second link.

I don’t see yet something in the entries that would explain the behavior you’re getting, or the relationship with the URL shortener…

Did you get any other entries that you may not have included there?

Did you test for plugin conflicts? Deactivate other plugins, test again, see if behavior changes. https://s2member.com/kb-article/common-troubleshooting-tips/