URL Shortening Service - How to not use any? All shortening services available are spammed!

Can you please check the download link for the pro version? I cannot download it even though being logged in (and downloading the normal release without problems). It does not look like a normal s2member protected download link… Else I cannot test it (even though of course I like everyone else here is mainly waiting for the new credit card implementation for SCA/EU regulations).

I tested it again, and it works for me. You have to be logged in to s2member.com and have an s2Member Pro license for the s2Member Pro RC download. The Framework’s RC is public.

Yes, the the PSD2 thing I’m still working on, but I had this ready for a while and decided to release it instead of waiting any longer. There will be more releases for the coming things.


Nope - not working:
The link (removed https://s here so it shows correctly):

becomes: https://s2member.com/prices/?_s2member_vars=file..ccap..pro..file..ccaps%2Faccess-s2member-ccap-pro%2Fs2member-pro-v190813-RC.zip..Lz9zMm1lbWJlcl9maWxlX2Rvd25sb2FkPS9jY2Fwcy9hY2Nlc3MtczJtZW1iZXItY2NhcC1wcm8vczJtZW1iZXItcHJvLXYxOTA4MTMtUkMuemlw&_s2member_sig=1565807428-7e867a439e1c90c34c97cfdd03973816

while other links to pro version are like this and working.


And I end up on the signup page. On my account page I have: s2Member® Pro / Unlimited-Site License

I see. It redirects you as if you didn’t have the “pro” ccap… Could you tell me your username over at s2member.com so I check your account and make sure everything’s okay there? I looked you up with openmtbmap, Felix Harmann, Harmann, and the email you use here, but couldn’t find the account.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Username is extremecarver

Thanks. Found it.

You were missing the Pro access. For some reason your account was demoted over a year ago. I gave you back the Pro access and you should be able to download the file now.

Let me know if you need more help with it. :wink:

okay thanks - now the donwload worked (strange I could download all normal pro Versions from the download list and from within s2member though, guess only ccap was missing but level of account was still correct).

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btw - no new problems with the release candidate - everything works as expected.

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Thank you for the feedback! :smiley:

Why not use PrettyLink?

I haven’t tried it, but i don’t think it’d work on s2 links. With the new s2 Pro release, if PrettyLinks has a API to shorten links, it may be possible to use it too, as I suggest with YOURLS.


I’m confused about the use case for this. Why do we need to use shortened links and have it integrated with s2?

The full size links are too long for some email providers.

It looks like @clavaque already fixed this in the latest release, but I’ve never had an email provider with a link length limit. And I send most of my emails through Mautic, which adds crazy lengths with tracking variables, etc.

For my reference, on which providers is this a concern?

Not really an s2 thing since it’s fixed, but for my understanding.

Well I’m not sure - I’ve also heard users saying that after they switched browser - or mobile vs desktop it worked. Not many were affected - but maybe 1-3%.
And no - I don’t think the link without shortening service was shortened. The current release includes the Yourls integration and removal of goo.gl

I didn’t change the unshortened URL. If someone wants the full one, that’s what it is. But if the reason for not using the other shortening services was the spam filters, then I thought it important to give a shortener alternative that could overcome it. That’s why I also added a way to use YOURLS. :slight_smile:

I have found that since this update (I have integrated YOURLS and tested the shortening successfully via the Member Registration Access Links method), the user is not even sent a Signup Confirmation Email when returning from Clickbank. Neither is a shortened YOURLS being created.

I have tested this on both my Clickbank sites with the same problem.

Any advice?

Hmm… Here’s a list of things I’d check to troubleshoot:

  • Can you shorten a URL with your YOURLS installation, if not, sort that out.
  • Is the YOURLS API URL correct in the integration with s2Member.
  • Generate an access link with s2Member to see what I get. WP Admin > s2Member > ClickBank Buttons > Member Registration Access Links
  • Try the unshortened link, and the default TinyURL shortener options, and generate a link with each.

Tell me what you get with those. :slight_smile:

thank you for the reply. As mentioned in my original post all those options work.

To me it looks like the return from Clickbank is not triggering the Signup Confirmation Email sequence at all