URGENT: Paypal moving to PayPal Commerce Platform - shutdown of traditional Paypal

Just got this from paypal - will it have any implications - I translated it to English (original was in German)?

Dear Customer,
PayPal would like to inform you that from February 2022 the transition from the new version of PayPal, PayPal Plus, and from the old version of PayPal, PayPal Standard, to PPCP (PayPal Commerce Platform) will begin.

That would be pretty short notice if it was something that was going to have a major impact. I use PayPal but have not received the email. Usually their emails say “There is no action needed on your part”. Does it say that anywhere?

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Yes but that is exactly missing. Maybe it has no API difference but is only about their business model? It sure seems to be about their side on how they do business and what you pay to them

That’s probably what it is, just a change in how they do business. Does it specifically say you need to do something to avoid payment issues?

I checked through all my emails from PayPal and there is nothing about it.

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No it doesn’t. But it mentions shutdown of PayPal plus, which is the former PayPal Pro whatever. So they seem to definitely harmonise all things. So there won’t be different type of accounts anymore. That surely will have some implications, just on what?

Are you using s2Member Pro or the free version? And do you have a PayPal business account? Maybe it has something to do with that. Just guessing as to why you received an email about this and I didn’t.

I can’t find anything on Google about it, other than WooCommerce discontinuing support for its PayPal Checkout plugin as of March 2022.

I’m using pro but PayPal buttons, I use stripe pro form… and yes I have a business account. You cannot have a private account if you make more money than a hobby or are self employed/have a ltd company.

WooCommerce dropping support sounds like PayPal is seriously changing up something.

Actually it seems to be a change that happened already in some countries last year. Button payments are not affected, but for proforms there should be many new possibilities including local payment gateways. So if there’s a change, it likely only affects pro forms. I kinda guess this is Braintree for PayPal?

It just seems unlikely that PayPal would do something that would suddenly prevent many of their business account customers from continuing to process payments without lots (and lots and lots) of advanced warning and clear instructions on what needs to be changed. I’ve been told nothing at all from PayPal. Your post is the first I’ve heard of this.

I use Pro Forms. But again, I’ve been told nothing by PayPal. And when I log into my PayPal account, there are no messages, warnings or anything to indicate that I need to take some sort of action.

Just a quick follow-up about WooCommerce discontinuing its PayPal Checkout plugin as of March 2022. They say the plugin will continue to work. It just won’t receive any more support, which is why they are recommending that people switch to their new PayPal Payments plugin.

But since they claim the PayPal Checkout plugin will still work after March 2022, that’s a good sign that whatever changes PayPal is making won’t cause issues.

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Anything new from PayPal now that it’s March? Everything still seems to be working fine here, and still have not heard anything from PayPal myself.

No, only recently some more charges for things. PayPal and Stripe constantly increasing prices for things free before… too little competition in that market. Stripe is especially fast in inventing new charges like Stripe Radar not free anymore. (You need some custom rules as the default ones are insufficient against mass credit card number checking)

Is your business located in Europe? Secure Customer Authentication seems to be in effect now in Europe and s2Member is not compatible, causing transactions to be declined.

Yes it is. And two step authentication is compatible with PayPal and Stripe on pro form

So s2Member is SCA compliant even using PayPal Pro forms? Because someone else is having the opposite experience with PayPal. He’s getting transactions declined.

Yes it is. For stripe you can try it out with the dev mode. Since 2 years of so already

Stripe, yes. But what about PayPal? Did Cristian ever make the PayPal Pro forms SCA compliant? Or did he only focus on Stripe? I’ve sent him numerous messages asking about it but he never replies. And my understanding is that PayPal Pro is not SCA compliant and never will be.

I assumed so but do not know. I only use enhanced PayPal buttons (checking location and asking for phone number if IP not equal to location, plus drop-down different pricing options).